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How it actually happened...actually

After about 5 whole minutes of research and 3 minutes of thinking to myself, I came to the realization that making shirts and decals for some reason sounded like a fun idea. Next, someone blurted out the idea of Garage Shirts. I sent 1 text to Mike asking if he would be on board with me, to which he quickly responded "Yes" and Garage Shirts was born.


I'm not sure that less thought has ever gone into starting a business in the history of the entire world, except for maybe the Pet Rock guy (genius).

Although it happened very quickly and with very little thought, it's the work ethic of Garage Shirts that made this nothing short of a modern day miracle. Satisfaction is our goal. If you are not satisfied 100%, let us know ASAP and satisfaction will be achieved!

Did We Just Start a Business?

The ORIGINAL Garage Shirts design. This is by NO MEANS a silly shirt, it's a life style!

Fort Myers Coolest Screen Printers

This was us setting up our new gear that we had NO idea what to do with (September 2014) and what strides we have made! Still in a garage obviously, but have upgraded big time! Wouldn't want to have to change our name to Office Shirts Ink, that sounds terrible.

Three Years and we have an automatic! What does this mean...?


- Turn around time will be even faster!

- Jobs will be even MORE consistent and accurate.


You need your job done yesterday, need your shirts this exact day?! Well if you don't mind paying an extra medium sized rush fee...get over here ASAP, hang out, have a beer or six outta the kegerator and we can make it happen! See you soon!

A couple small clips from our Instagram page. Check it out for more pics and videos of jobs! @GarageShirtsINK

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